Spring Cleanup 2022 / Great KC Cleanup 2022

Click for a blowup gallery of the cleanup.Click for a blowup gallery of the cleanup.

Over 50 helpers showed Roanoke Park some love on Earth Day weekend, just one slice of the city-wide GREAT KANSAS CITY CLEANUP.

Coffee provided by Broadway Cafe and Roasting awaited volunteers before they headed into the park. Many bags of litter were picked up along the trails or playgrounds. We can't give you a count because the parks department was scooping them up as fast as we filled them. Thanks to Gary, Terry, and H! One of those spots was handled by Councilman Eric Bunch and his family!

Conservancy board member Bret Kassen put in double duty! He helped cleanups as a city employee the day before then brought his whole family out for the Roanoke Park cleanup. Video evidence: instagram.com/p/CcyiWGdpA8a/

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Enjoy the park!

Regarding the map in the blowup (click the top image): We didn't get the concrete, but the other trashy spots were cleaned up. (The concrete dump was noticed Feb. 13th. We don't know who did it. Same with the grafitti tag on the bluff rocks noticed May 12th. KCMO 311 requests have been put in on both issues.)