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Shade Structure by Egawa + Zbryk installed! Creative. Artistic. Functional. 

It's in! The installation is complete of an artistic shade structure at the Karnes playground in the park. The piece 100% privately funded and was a cooperative effort designed by Rie Egawa + Burgess Zbryk (, instagram: @egawa_zbryk) and crafted at Hufft. The installation itself was donated by Kissick Construction. Of course Kansas City, MO Parks and Recreation approved the project at all stages. (These photos by @egawa_zbryk and Hufft workshop manager @sgb73 on Instagram.)

The piece it the fruition of a design competition held last year. (It was originally conceived as sitting atop the main mound in the playground, but that concept went away very early by consensus view of the architects, designers and construction professionals that weighed in.)

egawa_zbryk shade structure install 5