Beautiful native grasses and wildflowers were seeded in the park Nov. 10th, 2012:

  • Volker Slope PlanVolker Slope - (PDF Plan: 464k) Across from the Westport-Roanoke Community Center at the bend of Roanoke Drive. A mix of tall and short prairie grasses mixed with 21 species of wildflowers will add lots of color to this visible sunny location.
  • Valentine Slope - (PDF Plan: 514k) Backing up to SW Trafficway at the curve of Madison/36th. A mix of shade tolerant native grasses edged with sunnier grasses and wildflowers will help restore this area.
  • Roanoke Drive Point - At the hairpin turn of Roanoke Drive. With the invasives mostly out of the way, this spot is sunny and will make a nice rocky glade area.


Please do not allow kids to "rock climb" across from the community center. The rocks and soil are unstable and the seed we spread can be easily eroded downhill. Stay on the trail.

See the linked pdfs above for maps and plans for the Volker and Valentine slopes.

flowerstrip-stacked 1flowerstrip-stacked 2

Click above to see a facebook gallery of most of the wildflowers in the seed mix we're using.