New Access to the Layover Trail, with Boy Scout Help

CLICK TO WATCH: New Trail Workday with Boy ScoutsCLICK TO WATCH: New Trail Workday with Boy Scouts

Nice Video! Members of Westport's Troop 60 helped trail steward Scott Lillis with a new trail connection.

Roanoke Park Conservancy board member Patrick Faltico reached out to our Urban Trail Co trail steward Scott Lillis with the idea for a connection to the upper trail just below W. Roanoke Drive, "The Layover." Patrick thought trail users would appreciate a connection from the top of the stairs, as an option to having to drop all the way to Karnes. They got started clearing the corridor on the morning of June 19, 2021.

Local BSA Troop members answered the call to put in some volunteer time. Conservancy board member and Jackson County Legislator Scott Burnett spent some time discussing local government with them for a merit badge requirement then met them at the trail site. Patrick had string trimmed some of the corridor and the boys helped by pulling and trimming other plants, picking up litter and moving rocks and logs. 

A videoographer from KCMO Parks was there to document the scene. Check out that great video above! We can't emphasize enough how much Roanoke Park, and all of our parks, rely on the work of volunteers.  

This wasn't the first time scouts have helped out. Another trail connection over by the Coleman Highlands Spring was the Eagle project of Ethan from Troop 16, working at that time with Brett Shoffner. In the same area, the bat boxes and the old roadbed planting were Eagle projects. Scouts have also helped multiple times with seeding efforts, most recently helping collect river oats seed last year, part of which went to KC Wildlands.

To avoid damaging trails, remember to check Urban Trail Co's Protect the Trails page before hiking or biking off road. “Rozarks” is almost always open, thanks to our rocky soil and steep slopes.

See you on the TRAILS!