i-Tree LogoPart of the work of the Roanoke Park Tree Inventory included entering the data into the U.S. Forest Service's i-Tree Streets program. This program generates data on the trees to quantify their value in a wide range of metrics.

Have you ever seen signs on trees in Kansas City that said "This tree pays us back X dollars"? Those figures are generated by i-Tree Streets and represented the value a tree can give us over its lifetime by reducing heating/cooling costs, soaking up stormwater, improving air quality and sequestering carbon. It adds up. Here's a Heartland Tree Alliance page about it: http://bridgingthegap.org/heartland-tree-alliance/treetags/

Roanoke Park's trees pay us back $153,061 every year!
(Even more since not every tree in the park was included in the inventory.)

See below for the full reports from i-Tree Streets using the data from the Roanoke Park Tree Inventory.

The i-Tree Reports:

Roanoke Park i-Tree Annual Benefits Reports (884kb pdf)

The above pdf contains reports on the Annual Benefits of the inventoried trees in the areas of Energy, Stormwater, Air Quality, CO2 reduction/storage, Aesthetic (property values) and a Summary.

Roanoke Park i-Tree Structural Analysis Reports (1070kb pdf)

The above pdf contains reports on the species composition and quality of the inventoried trees. Reports on Population Summary, Complete Population, Species Distribution, Relative Age Distribution, Importance Values, Condition and Relative Performance Index reports are all included. Explanatory notes appear where necessary.