2021 PIAC Submission: Water Play, Bat-Friendly Cave, Hill Slide

2021 PIAC Presentation: Click to watch.2021 PIAC Presentation: Click to watch.

Since it was founded the Roanoke Park Conservancy has worked with the parks department to seek PIAC funding for improvements throughout the park with great success. These requests have aligned with the 2011 Master Plan, and benefited from the strong support of nearby neighborhoods. The focus of the past few years has been improving the "south meadow," the lobe of the park southwest of the community center. These improvements include: renewing the tennis courts, new sidewalks, additional lighting, and entry pillars and signage.

The Roanoke Park Conservancy's 2020 PIAC request was only partially funded, so our 2021 request repeats and refines some elements, and adds exciting new components.

The Roanoke Park Conservancy’s 2021 PIAC requests exciting improvements to the South Meadow.

We hope to add amenities to the tennis court / playground area including: a path around the back side of the tennis courts to view the cliffs and a planned pollinator planting; and a hand-pump water play area on the north corner of the tennis courts, improving the cave entrance with bat-friendly grating and interpretive signage and a big slide coming down from the stairs north of the tennis court.

Because of the unique natural setting (bluffs, caves, and springs) we feel this provides a unique and inclusive play opportunity for all ages and abilities, especially younger children in Kansas City’s urban core. More fun, and more ways to enjoy Roanoke Park. 

Click the images below of the 2021 request to download pdfs. For explanation, watch the video presentation at the top of this page.

PIAC 2021 Presentation Roanoke Park ConservancyRoanoke 2021 PIAC Description and Support Letters