Stop two on our journey toward a new Master Plan for Roanoke Park.

Since March, 2010, 97 neighbors have found a way to get involved in with the growing group of talented, proactive and devoted fans and neighbors of the 100+ year old Roanoke Park. This very interesting, diverse group has engaged in discussing, planning, researching, brush clearing and battling invasive plants, all to the benefit of Roanoke Park. Over the summer, 211 neighborhood residents participated in a park survey, forming a beginning point for the Master Plan journey.

The commonality among the group’s diversity is the shared belief that the park is an important community asset.

On October 9, 2010, the biggest investment in thought about Roanoke Park since the days of George Kessler occurred. Thirty-eight individuals gave their day in the charrette stage of a new Master Plan for Roanoke Park. The consensus of the group is that it was an amazing experience with exciting results!

park-planning-6207_313xIncluded in the 38 people who convened to “honor the past and plant the future” of Roanoke Park were:

  • 1 forester from MO Dept of Conservation,
  • 1 professional artist who lent his perspective as a team leader,
  • 1 naturalist who, after research, has begun to help us plant appropriate indigenous plants in some of the areas previously dominated by foreign invasives,
  • 2 professional discussion facilitators,
  • 2 degreed landscape architects,
  • 2 highly regarded architects who are now interpreting the inputs from the charrette into a first draft design proposal,
  • 2 professional photographers to document the proceedings that are now being prepared for the website,
  • 3 people from Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation, including the Director and Deputy Director.
  • The 2 geologists who have previously been with us in the park and are doing work-ups for the project were among those unable to attend.

Kudos and Thank You To:
Cary Goodman, who suggested and organized the charrette.
Mary Jo Draper, who facilitated the morning.
The staff of the Westport Roanoke Community Center, especially Sheronda, Michael and Steven.
Curt Watkins-invitations and announcements.
And, also all of you who likewise gave the day to help enhance the urban experience of living in midtown Kansas City!
Kelly Thompson . Carolyn Sipp . Ben Simmons . Wendy Sangster . Heather Runkel . Eric Rogers . Jim Peters . Paul Pearce . Andrew Park . Mike Oliver . Scott Nelson . Randy Moore . Rose Middleton . Frankie Messer . Mark McHenry . Jim McDonald . Steve Lampone . Pam Hoelzel . Nancy Harrington . Necia Gamby . John Frick . Andy Dodge . Chris DeLong . Eric Bubb . Jodi Brown-Marchioro . Greg Allen

The 7-1/2 hour charrette:

  1. Began with a review of Kessler’s plan and the history of Roanoke Park,
  2. Then, a presentation of the Summer 2010 survey results used to inform this charrette,
  3. Dividing into 3 teams to walk assigned sectors,
  4. The brainstorming discussion that makes for a great charrette - lots of discussion,
  5. And finally coming together in one drawing for the interpretation by architects.

Read the Facilitator's Notes to learn more. Many great ideas were formed at the Charrette. As the journey toward a Master Plan continues, those ideas will be expanded upon, and refined. It's possible that some may not stand up to the scrutiny of expert advice and Parks Department approval.

Watch for the opportunity to participate in yet another informative discourse about the big dreams for Roanoke Park as the initial interpretation of the charrette results begin to emerge in broad stroke renderings by resident architects.

{rokbox title=|Survey Results :: Mary Jo Draper, morning session meeting facilitator, presents the results of the Summer 2010 Park Survey.| album=|charrette|}images/stories/2010-10/charrette/ing_0231_1024x.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Guiding Principles :: Mary Jo leads the charrette participants in articulating guiding principles for the day.| album=|charrette|}images/stories/2010-10/charrette/img_0227_1024x.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Park Walk: Sector 1 :: Curt Watkins et al discuss the area of the stone steps in a northeast corner of the park. Better connections to the Valentine neighborhood were contemplated. Tunnel? Pedestrian Bridge?| album=|charrette|}images/stories/2010-10/charrette/dsf4637_1024x.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Park Walk: Sector 2 :: One of the park's enormous cottonwood trees is shown some love.| album=|charrette|}images/stories/2010-10/charrette/dsf4658_1024x.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Park Planning :: One of the three teams sharing the results of their walk and brainstorming, leading to general discussion.| album=|charrette|}images/stories/2010-10/charrette/park-planning-6207_1024x.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Planning Tools :: Park maps and bird's eye views were extensively annotated with problem areas and planned features or alterations.| album=|charrette|}images/stories/2010-10/charrette/img_0242_1024x.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Executive Summary Drawing :: A concensus drawing was produced representing the work (200+ people hours) of all three teams. Popular goals were improved drainage leading to rain gardens, adding hiking trails, enhancing and maintaining natural character, improving neighborhood access, and traffic calming. | album=|charrette|}images/stories/2010-10/charrette/summary_drawing_686x.jpg{/rokbox}