2013 Recap of Roanoke Park activities and achievements

  • New stairway built south of community center with PIAC funds, providing better access from the Roanoke neighborhood and tieing into the Roanoke Lookout landing area built with private donations at the top of the stairs
  • Trails Grand Opening held June 1, on National Trail Day. Attendees, including Parks Department head Mark McHenry got personal trail tours with most sticking around for free lunch and socializing
  • 131 trees donated by Missouri Department of Conservation are planted into the park woods April 27-May 5
  • April 13 Spring Cleanup draws about 50 helpers to collect Many bags of trash and move Many piles of brush to the curb
  • Trees and Trails Talk held at Prospero’s Uptown Books March 26. About 80 people enjoyed donated beer and pizza and listened to Chris DeLong detail the results of the Tree Inventory and Brett Shoffner talk about the park’s new Trails