Roanoke Park's surrounding neighborhood associations

Coleman Highlands:




Other nearby Kansas City Parks support organizations

Penn Valley Park Conservancy:

Cliff Drive Scenic Byway Committee:

Hyde Park Neighborhood Association:

West Terrace Park:


Other groups in our area (in addition to above) doing battle against bush honeysuckle

Kansas City Wildlands (Bridging the Gap):

Missouri Department of Conservation Discovery Center:

Lakeside Nature Center:

Urban Trail Co.: (Formerly Earth Riders Trails Association.)

City and parks history resources

The Kessler Society of Kansas City:

George E. Kessler:

Kansas City Public Library, Missouri Valley Special Collections:

Kansas City Historical Society:

Westport Historical Society:

Missouri gardening and botanical resources

Curse of the Bush Honeysuckle, pdf from Missouri Dept. of Conservation

Grow Native:

Powell Gardens:

Powell Gardens Invasive Plants Information, including suggested alternatives:

Missouri Botanical Gardens:

Missouri Botanical Garden Shaw Nature Reserve:

Shaw Nature Reserve Native Landscaping Manual
Four chapters covering prairies, rain gardens, invasive plant control and landscaping with natives. 

Missouri Botanical Garden - Help for the Home Gardener

Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder:

Missouri Plants:
The creator of this site died in 2007 but it remains a treasured resource to anyone interested in native plants in our area.

Missouri Native Plant Society:
The facebook group is very active and helpful:

KCWildlands Seed Collectors List:
A list of KC area prairie and glade plants ordered by bloom time with links to flower and seed pictures. You can also click on the list ordered alphabetically, or by flower color. plant list for Missouri:
Commercially available native plants for planned landscapes in Missouri.

Illinois Wildflowers:
A very helpful resource for species descriptions and information. Missouri shares many of the same plants with Illinois. Unlike, this one is being actively updated.

Why Native Plants?

Bringing Nature Home:
Without Native plants, the local environment starves. Read Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy. Feed our local ecosystem's birds, insects and animals by planting NATIVE shrubs and trees.

Also see the 2014 book by Doug Tallamy and Rick Darke: The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden, a book filled with great photography of richly layered home landscapes built with almost all native plants, shrubs and trees.